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Losing a tree, either accidentally or by design, often leaves behind something which needs to be cared for in the proper manner; the tree stump.The stump is a remnant of a tree which fell down due to natural causes or brought down for aesthetic reasons. Eliminating a bigger stump is usually beyond the ability of many house owners but when you hire a tree stump grinding and removal service, you could have it cared for in the best way possible.

Professionals have many techniques in eliminating a tree stump, like burning, grubbing or manually eliminating the entire stump, chemical removal method, and grinding. According to many experts, the fastest way to eliminate a stump is grinding. Power tools are used during grinding in order to effectively grind, cut, and chip the stump into small pieces of wood. There are positives and negatives to every method, that will do the job in case a simple grind work doesn’t work effectively.

Another method that many people consider is tree stump extraction. This is a procedure that manually pulls the whole stump, including the rootball from the area. This procedure requires a great deal of time and effort and usually leaves a big hole after the extraction. It is the one way that will remove the stump completely, roots and all, but it is also typically more expensive and will take more time to get it done. The stump grinding way is a much better idea because it lets the roots thrive naturally beneath the ground.

When you opt for the grinding method, be prepared for the cleanup as the services don’t offer this with the stump removal package. Stump grindings and wood chips will be everywhere, but you can use the debris or mulch to keep weeds and too much moisture from your garden soil. Some repairs and enhancements can take place after the soil has been dug.

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