Tree Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Have you ever tried to get rid of a tree within your property? Stump grinding and stump removal are methods, which can be utilized to lessen ugly pieces of land, habitats for unwanted critters and safety hazards.

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps

While you might be tempted to leave stumps alone, doing so can result in long-reaching problems in your home as well as surrounding property. These tree stumps are hard to work around when conducting basic yard maintenance like weed eating and mowing that often leads to hiding trip hazards and overgrown areas in your yard.

In case you didn’t know yet, eliminating a tree in your area can result in damaging effects when it’s not properly done. When the trunk of the tree is cut down, it is best to get rid of the dangerous liability for the people to trip over, a place for new sprouts to develop or a haven for insects. Finding a way to make a landscape design around your leftover tree stump could be challenging. Wood whacking and mowing can cause damage to your machines and send sharp pieces of wood ricocheting in all areas.


Stump grinding makes use of a machine along with a hydraulic cylinder, which rotates cutting disks to chip away the stump at a high speed. A stump is normally ground down to around six inches below the surface of the ground that denotes insects will not be able to nest. Further, grinding a tree leaves wood chips mulch to fill the hole or utilize elsewhere in the landscaping. A stump grinder is a smaller piece of equipment than machinery utilized for tree stump removal and this will not tear up the lawn or leave unwanted marks on the walkways or driveways.


Doing a stump removal without the use of a grinder normally includes digging the entire stump and all of the roots loosen the earth away from its tree. This is a labor-intensive process since the majority of tree root balls are around five to ten times the size of the tree. The equipment like a backhoe or excavator is connected to the stump to pull it out of the ground. This type of method leaves a big hole in the landscape, which can be unsightly and dangerous. The big equipment utilized for the process can result in damaging effects to the lawn by making ruts and tearing up the grass.

Which Method is Suitable for You?

The best method for removing your stump will vary on several factors like:

  • Location of the stump

  • Homeowner preference

  • Environmental factors

  • Soil type and density

  • Softer woods vs hard woods

  • Size of the stump and the corresponding roots

Any of these factors, which increase the difficulty of your tree removal service, could result in the price to be higher for one service to the other. Stump grinding works for the majority of stumps. On the other hand, removal could need big equipment to reach the stump in question, and transport it off your property.

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